About us

We are a small business, focusing on providing single family homes for short term rental in the Pooler/Savannah area. For work, I am a mechanical engineer, specializing in aircraft interiors. This allows me to enjoy traveling, motorcycling and 3 Cushion billiards. In a former life, we had a sailboat that we lived on for several years. Now we typically travel using our truck camper. A lot of our trips focus on some sort of motorcycle theme, either off-road or on.


- Please be respectful of the property and the neighbors.

- Please note that check in time is 3 pm or later and check out is no later than 11 am, we need time for the cleaning crew to prepare the house for the next guest. - Please leave all common areas clean and as you found them when you arrived. This includes washing your dishes and leaving the kitchen area clean.

-Smoking, vaping, recreational, etc inside the house or garage, is prohibited.

-PETS or animals of any kind, are prohibited.

LEASE AGREEMENT This Lease Agreement (the “Agreement") is made by and between Airbnb host (“Homeowner") and (“Guest") as of the date last set forth on the agreement made via smoobu. For good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged, by booking with Pooler Travelers Retreat on our direct booking platform via smoobu, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Property. The property address will be disclosed at time of booking.

2. Rental Party. The rental party shall consist of Adults and Children (under age 18). The maximum number of guests is limited. Additional guests staying the night beyond the agreed upon number is not allowed. Any guests found staying at the house over the agreed number at the time of reservation will be charged a $200/night fee. Please be honest with the amount of people that intend to stay and consult with me, if you'd like to have more than the agreed number people stay at the house.

3. Term of the Lease. The lease begins at 3:00 p.m. on (the “Check-in Date") and ends at 11:00 a.m. on (the “Check-out Date"). No refunds are issued for late check-in or early departure.

4. Security Deposit. The Security Deposit is required to protect Homeowner from loss or damage to the Property, including the house, its furniture and other contents located on the Property. Any damage to the Property during the term of the lease or additional cleaning required will be paid from the security deposit and the balance remaining, if any, will be refunded to Guest within 2 days after the Check-out Date. Guest will be responsible for any excess cost of repair or replacement required as a result of damage caused by the Rental Party or other invitees during the lease term, and Guest shall pay the same promptly to Homeowner upon written request, provided such written request is accompanied by documentation of such excess costs of repair or replacement.

5. Rental Rules. Guest and all members of the Rental Party shall abide by all local, state and federal laws and regulations at all times in conjunction with the rental of the property. Guest agrees to abide by the Rental Rules attached as Exhibit A at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else Guest permits on the property (“the Rental Party") to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property. At the termination of this Lease, Guest shall quietly yield up the Property in good and habitable condition in all respects, as it was when the Guest took possession.

6. Liability. Guest and all members of the Rental Party personally assume all risks of property loss or damage and physical injury or death that exist or may exist in connection with use or occupancy of the Property. Guest and all members of the Rental Party release Homeowner and any other owners of the Property from any claim for damage, accident or injury that and any members of the Rental Party may sustain from use or occupancy of the Property during the term of this Lease Agreement and agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Homeowner and any other owners of the Property from any claim, action or proceeding by Guest and all members of the Rental Party, their family, estate, heirs or assigns related to a claim for damage, accident or injury during the use or occupancy of the Property.

7. Access. Guest shall allow Homeowner and their agents, upon request, to enter the property at all times for purposes of repair, improvement, and inspection.

8. Other. Guest shall not assign the lease or sublet the Property. The terms of this Agreement will be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of Georgia, Chatham County.

9. Cancellation Policy: moderate: full refund up to 5 days prior to arrival, except fees. - Cleaning fees are always refunded if the guest did not check in.

10. Payment: Payment is received through the processing system.

11. PETS: -NO PETS ALLOWED! -**ALL service animals MUST be declared, along with verifiable certification paperwork, prior to booking acceptance.** The parties agree to the terms of this Lease Agreement.


1. Be respectful of neighbors and keep music at reasonable level. Please refrain from outdoor noise from 9:00 PM - 9:00 AM. Any outdoor noise complaints from neighbors will result in the complete (100%) loss of the security deposit. Further violations after our initial warning may result in your removal from the property. 2. NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND permitted inside home. Failure to abide by this rule will result in full loss of Security Deposit.

3. People other than those in the Guest party may not stay overnight in the property. Any person on the property is the sole responsibility of Guest. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a full loss of Security Deposit.

4. The Homeowner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the Property. The Homeowner is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise. IN CONSIDERATION for being permitted to enter premises and property for vacation rental or any other purpose, the undersigned, for himself/herself, his/her personal representatives, guests, children, heirs, and next of kin, acknowledges, agrees, and represents that he/she has or will immediately upon entering, and will continuously thereafter, thoroughly inspect such areas and his/her continued presence constitutes an acknowledgment that he/she has inspected house, deck and entire property and he/she finds and accepts such areas as being safe and reasonably suited for the purposes of his/her use, and he/she further agrees and warrants that if, at any time, he/she feels anything to be unsafe, he/she and all guests will immediately leave the area and advise appropriate persons. THE UNDERSIGNED hereby RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANTS NOT TO SUE the owners personally and as company or corporate representatives, their members, managers, operators, officials, officers, directors, employees, owners and lessees of the premises, all for the purposes herein referred to as "releasees", from all liability to the undersigned, guests, representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin for any and all loss or damage, and any claim or demand thereof on account of INJURY to the person(s) or property or resulting in DEATH of the undersigned or guests, whether caused by negligence of the releasees or otherwise while in or upon the area. THE UNDERSIGNED hereby AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the releasees and each of them from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they may occur due to their presence in or upon the area and whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise. THE UNDERSIGNED hereby accepts full responsibility for each child who arrives on the property. All children under the age of 17 must be supervised at all times.

5. Keep the property and all furnishings in good order. Use appliances only for their intended uses. Household items (towels, utensils, games, etc.) are not to be removed from the Property. Please do not take supplies, such as toilet paper.

6. There is no daily housekeeping service. Linens and bath towels are included in the rental rate, but we do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the home. (with the exception of the beach towels.)

7. Checkout rules:

a. replace all chairs, cushions, games and equipment where originally located.

b. remove all perishable food from kitchen/refrigerator/freezer/oven.

c. place all used dishes in and run the dishwasher.

d. properly dispose of all trash (must be bagged, do not throw raw food in bins) in the outside garbage (all green colored bins). 

e. turn off all lights.

f. lock the door behind you when you leave (press the "Schlage" logo).

9. Please treat our home as if it is yours and have fun. :P